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The ZIP Launchpad wants everyone to be comfortable and have all the resources they might need to write a successful application. That is why we offer our online and in person resources.

Application Protocol

Step 1:  After getting familiar with our website,  review our “application process”  to learn more about applying and familiarize yourself with our  sample application

Step 2:  If you have questions about the application, the application process and/or if the center is a good fit for you, please sign up for Idea Office Hours

Step 3: Complete a DRAFT application. Fill in as much as you can. Don’t worry about the quality of the draft. Just try as best as you can to express your idea by answering the questions provided in the application.

Step 4:  Sign up for an Application Innovation Workshop. While this is not required, it is highly recommended.  Teams that follow the process as outlined are 60% more likely to be accepted.
If the dates provided conflict with school or work, please email [email protected]. by end of March.

Step 5:  Follow the guidance provided in the Application Innovation Workshop including but not limited to completing at least 10 customer interviews.  Update your application based on the new knowledge you about your idea AND re-score your Application based on the rubic provided in the Application Innovation Workshop.

Step 6: If you want feedback on your application, then please sign up for Idea Office Hours and/or email your ZIP Launchpad staff contact from Step 2 with questions. Be prepared to share your application and updated rubric evaluation.

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 Please come prepared with your application.

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Sample Application

Application Process Overview

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Erica Snider helps students write compelling and innovative applications. She works directly one-on-one with them during her idea office hours to go over applications and ideas.