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Get Paired With a ZIP Launchpad Team at Strike A Startup

Apply to attend STRIKE A STARTUP by Sept 26th

The event will be held on October 3 at Aztec Lanes from 7-9PM.
Must apply to be considered for attendance.


Strike a Startup is a fun, free, speed dating style event aimed at helping SDSU undergraduate students gain experience by joining one of the many ZIP Launchpad teams that are currently looking for help with their startup. Through an initiative called the ZIP Launchpad Aztec Cooperative, students have the potential if selected to receive paid experience in your field while in college.

SDSU undergraduate Student Sign Up: All students need to fill out this form to apply for the event. Please note that signing up on the "Join a Team" list does not register them for the event. APPLICATIONS DUE BY Sept 26th.
You will be notified by Oct 1st if you have been selected to attend the event.

If not selected then your information will be relocated to Join a Team for later consideration.

Questions about Strike a Startup, contact Sophie Chance, [email protected]

How It Works

Want to take advantage of the amazing opportunities the ZIP Launchpad has to offer but don't have a team? Don't fret! You can apply to a pre-existing team and be apart of this amazing experience in five simple steps.

  1. Give Your Information: Fill out the form below.
  2. ZIP Review : We'll review the information and speak to our teams to find a good match.
  3. Team Review: Teams will review their needs with your background and determine if your experience and skills are what they are looking for.
  4. Get an Interview: You will get a chance to meet and interview with a team to decide if both parties will be a good-fit for one another.
  5. Get Accepted: If all goes well and both parties mutually agree to work with one another, congratulations, you're accepted!

Note: If it is not a good match, don't worry, we will continue to look for other teams that may be a better match for you.

Email: [email protected] with questions.

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Interested in joining a team? Fill out this form!



Other students who have participated in a start-up describe the experience as extremely rewarding. One of the major benefits we have heard over and over again is the real-life opportunity of putting the skills you learned or learning in college into practice.  

Other benefits include the opportunity to work in a dynamic work environment, solve problems in real-time and gain insight into the daily operations of a start-up. Most importantly, you will work along side a team that is making a real impact.


Joining a team is a commitment to work with a ZIP Launchpad start-up team. The team's responsibility  to you is to provide clear communication and work expectations. 

*When adding a team member (or removing a team member), it is important to  set clear  expectations.  Team are strongly encouraged  to seek guidance from a lawyer when adding or removing a team member with regards to potential IP ownership, ownership expectations and other considerations. The ZIP Launchpad offers probono legal guidance through office hours  and legal workshops. The relationship between a team and its current as well as future team members is the responsibility of the team founder, typically CEO.