Past Semester Challenges

Clean Transportation Challenge

Sponsored by SDG&E

Students competed for $5,000 in Cash Prizes

Spring 2017

This challenge gave SDSU students the opportunity to innovate with experts, collaborate on innovative ideas, and take a closer look at the way San Diego moves. Students were challenges to learn about a specific aspect of transportation, go out into the community and experience it, interview the public to understand the current use, and then present their solutions to a panel of judges. 

Thinking Outside the Potato Challenge

Sponsored by the Capper Family

Students competed for $5,000 in Cash Prizes

Fall 2016

SDSU students  were inspired to innovate in a fun and thoughtful manner.  Students will applied innovation, technology and creativity to transform Mr./Mrs. Potato Head into a tool, device, accessory, art or something that connects to products in your every day life.