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Marylinn J. Metzke | Human Performance Innovation: Aging Independently



What is HPI?

The Human Performance Initiative is a special focus area of the ZIP Launchpad that aims to support ideas that will innovate the health of aging adults and the performance of athletes.


Why You Should Apply


There are 75 million senior citizens in the U.S. alone - They make up 50% of the national purchasing power!

Americans are becoming increasingly more active, spending more money to improve their health and fitness than ever before.

We are all getting older. Innovations for the aging generation today will make our lives easier tomorrow!
The ZIP Launchpad will award the best HPI application with $500!

How Can You Innovate?

Solve Loneliness

The older generation suffers from a lack of human interaction which in turn leads to mental deterioration. Can you provide a service that connects the elderly?

Enhance Dexterity

Is there a device that can help older people maintain muscle control in their hands/fingers?

There are 150,000 ACL tears each year, can you create something to prevent them?


                       Why Aging Independently?


of seniors want to age in place


of the population will be 65+ in 2050


of all spending comes from seniors

What's Next?

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