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Joining a start-up is an incredible and rewarding experience. The ZIP Launchpad houses a variety of start-up teams working on bringing their idea to life. Ideas span across a wide range of industries from retail to high-tech.

Regardless of your experience and major, we can help you find an opportunity that fits your interest.
We match your interest and background to a team in the ZIP Launchpad.

  1. Give Your Information: Fill out the form bellow so we can know you better.
  2. Reviewed by ZIP : We'll review the information and speak to our teams to find a fit.
  3. Reviewed by Teams: They''ll  review their needs with your background and determine if you are a good fit.
  4. Get an Interview: You will be interviewed by the teams which will decide if you are a good fit.
  5. Get Accepted: Assuming interest by the team, then your role and scope will be mutually agreed upon.
  6. If Rejected: If it is not a good match, we will continue to look for other teams that may be a better match. 

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Other students who have participated in a start-up describe the experience as extremely rewarding. One of the major benefits we have heard over and over again is the real-life opportunity of putting the skills you learned or learning in college into practice.  

Other benefits include the opportunity to work in a dynamic work environment, solve problems in real-time and gain insight into the daily operations of a start-up. Most importantly, you will work along side a team that is making a real impact.


Joining a team is a commitment to work with a ZIP Launchpad start-up team. The team's responsibility  to you is to provide clear communication and work expectations. 

*When adding a team member (or removing a team member), it is important to  set clear  expectations.  Team are strongly encouraged  to seek guidance from a lawyer when adding or removing a team member with regards to potential IP ownership, ownership expectations and other considerations. The ZIP Launchpad offers probono legal guidance through office hours  and legal workshops. The relationship between a team and its current as well as future team members is the responsibility of the team founder, typically CEO.