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Join a team is an opportunity for current undergrad SDSU students to gain paid experience supporting a team in the ZIP Launchpad through the Aztec Cooperative Fund (ACF).  Please see more about Aztec Cooperative Fund.  One of the major benefits offered by the ACF is the real-life opportunity of putting the skills you learned in the classroom to practice with paid experience. 

How it works

Interested? Sign up here: 

Join a Team Sign Up Sheet

ZIP Launchpad teams consistently review the Join a Team sign sheet as they evaluate adding new team members.  Once a ZIP Launchpad team identifies a need and a student that can meet the need, then the team must apply for the ACF fund and be approved by ZIP Launchpad Executive Director.  

There is no commitment of employment until SDSU HR has processed the request and officially grants the student eligible to work. There is no financial obligation to the student until HR has approved eligibility. The employer will be the ZIP Launchpad Executive Director for 70 hours @ $13.50 hour, not to exceed 20 hours per week through the end of the semester in which the student is hired.  The student will be assigned to the team and the team is responsible for communicating to the student their responsiblites. Upon completion of the 70 hours, the team and the student assistant are under no obligation to continue to work together nor is there any further obligation of compensation, equity, or employment.  


In the event the student and/or team has questions regarding adding a team member or removing a team member, IP ownership, ownership/equity or other legal inquiry, they are recommended to seek legal guidance. The ZIP Launchpad offer probono legal guidance through office hours and legal workshops. 


Strike A Startup Dates:

Spring 2020: March 19th

Who Can Attend:

In Fall and Spring, we hold speed-dating style event aimed at helping SDSU undergrad students get matched with teams.
By signing up on the Join a Team Sheet, you will be invited to attend Strike a Startup based on the needs of the teams at that time.