In the News

Two SDSU students created a startup company through the Zahn Innovation Platform Launchpad with the goal of feeding impoverished areas.

The SDSU engineering graduates started the company through the ZIP Launchpad.

SDSU students investigate ways to increase the use of mass transit and electric vehicles.

SDSU students develop their business ideas in the Zahn Innovation Platform Launchpad.

The award is presented by the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship.

SDSU students launch a new cold brew coffee aimed at active sports enthusiasts.

Student entrepreneurs pitched their business ideas to win cash prizes at the annual competition.

San Diego State University has integrated entrepreneurship across many facets on campus.

The 5th Annual Zahn Challenge features nearly two dozen student companies.

An SDSU entrepreneur has launched a new product to help college students manage stress

The Zahn Innovation Center is now the Zahn Innovation Platform Launchpad.

This year's Zahn Challenge winners are working toward a system that detects Multiple Sclerosis.

The Moxie Foundation was named San Diego’s Outstanding Philanthropic Organization for 2015.

The SDSU WebPortal serves admission, enrollment, and registration needs across campus.

The fourth annual Zahn Challenge is open to SDSU alumni.

A team of SDSU entrepreneurs came up with an idea to help keep skateboarders safe when the sun goes down.