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ZIP Launchpad

Launching the Next Generation of Disruptive Entrepreneurs

Hackathon 2020

The ZIP Launchpad helps SDSU students, faculty, and staff launch a startup from their early stage idea. We strive to provide them a transformational experience to complement their SDSU education and launch successful startups into the community. 

Application Cycles
Fall 2020: March 12th - September 13th
Spring 2021: November 4th - February 14th

We're Your Idea Launchpad

1. Bring Your Idea

Application open every semester, so apply when you're ready.

2. Develop

Our advisors, mentors, and resources support your journey.

3. Launch

Grow your idea into a scalable venture.

A Track Record of Success

27 Teams Successfully Launched

Over 283  teams with over 400 students helped

Over $15.6 million raised by teams