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ZIP Launchpad Paid Internship Opportunity 

The ZIP Launchpad offers undergraduate students from across SDSU campus an opportunity for a paid internship. Hired interns support a team within the ZIP Launchpad through a paid internship experience. The paid internship opportunity comes from the ZIP Launchpad’s generous donors through the Aztec Cooperative Fund. 

ZIP Launchpad teams composed of SDSU faculty, students and staff are working to bring their idea to life with the support of the ZIP Launchpad, an on-campus incubator at SDSU located in EIS 103.  Our teams seek interns to help them grow their idea into a business.  Interns selected gain hands-on paid work experience in their field of study.

Things to Know:

  • Up to 2 undergrads a semester for 70 hours each (after completing L1 sprints 1 and2)
  • SDSU hiring process takes 4-6 weeks, so plan ahead 
  • Each assignment is 70 hours per intern per academic year
  • We keep a running list of interested students for your team to review - ask Cathy
  • Be proactive - read website and meet with Cathy to learn more


What to do before hiring an intern:

  • Qualify: Complete L1 sprints 1 and 2
  • Fill out “looking for an intern” google form -
  • Get interested student list - See Erica
  • Interview 
  • Complete ZIP Launchpad onboarding template - BLANK template.pptx
  • Start onboarding with SDSU (will take 4-6 weeks)
  • Intern needs to complete onboarding tasks in a timely manner 
    • Paperwork
    •  Livescan 
    • responding to emails

When an intern is fully hired:

  • Intern can now begin to work their hours - you will receive an email from Erica to tell you this
  • It is MANDATORY that interns attend their scheduled SDSU orientation
  • Weekly meetings are required for interns and team contacts where templates need to be updated
  • Key hours on workforce and submit them on the 15th and the end of the month
  • Interns should keep track of their hours so they know how many hours they have completed out of 70
  • Intern hours should reflect how long they have been hired for 
  • Interns can't work more than 70 hours

Read this Document (The Decision to Hire)

Who Benefits?

SDSU Undergrad Students

  • Opportunity for paid experience within their major
  • Hands-on learning

ZIP Launchpad Teams

  • Each intern supports the efforts of a ZIP Launchpad team helping them achieve their goals for the semester

 ZIP Launchpad team Lift Your Eyes including their paid intern Karina OrnelasZIP Launchpad team Lift Your Eyes
including their paid intern Karina Ornelas

How Does It Work?

An SDSU undergraduate student interested in being considered for a paid internship must be able to attend the next Paid Internship Fair and complete this form.

  • Teams in the ZIP Launchpad seeking an intern, generally near the beginning of a semester, will review the paid internship list and contact the student if there is an interest.
  • Assuming mutual interest expressed by team and student, then the hiring process will begin within the SDSU HR Foundation. 
  • The hiring process may take 1-3 months. There is no guarantee of employment until the student is deemed eligible to begin work by the SDSU HR Foundation
    Pay, subject to change, is CA minimum wage for a maximum of 70 hours to be completed within the semester not to exceed 20 hours/week. 
  • A student intern is only eligible to be hired for pay once a year by a ZIP Launchpad team.


Paid Internship Fair

  • The Paid Internship Fair, held each semester in the Fall and Spring, helps Launchpad teams meet with student intern prospects.
  • The event is fast-paced, speed dating style to kick start the initial meeting of ZIP Launchpad teams and students intern prospects
  • Team have a few weeks to select interns who attended the event
  • Interns not selected may express their interest by completing “Paid Internship Interest” form for consideration by other teams

internship fair

Pictured above: Interested student interns and ZIP Launchpad teams seeking an intern go over the next steps for selecting interns for summer 2020. 

internship fair

Pictured above: A ZIP Launchpad team shares their design requirements with intern prospects during the Paid Internship Fair held virtually in Spring 2020. 




Erica Snider

ZIP Launchpad Intern Coordinator

Email: [email protected]