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Spring 2019 Application Cycle

Application closes February 10, 2019! 

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Special Opportunities

There are special opportunities for the following categories:


Women in STEM

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Human Performance: Aging Independently

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Veteran Entrepreneurship

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Getting Started With the Application Process

  1. Identify a significant problem and solution in the market.
    • Otherwise, visit the Idea Lab or join a team.
  2. Thoroughly review the sample application.
    • Your application must be of similar quality.
  3. Begin your application.
    • Fill it out to the best of your abilities.
  4. Contact us to set an Application Workshop date.
    • We will review your application and help you improve it!
  5. Submit it.

What happens next:

  1. If accepted, you will present your pitch to the selection committee. They will decide if you get accepted into the program.
  2. If rejected, we can provide you feedback and you can apply again.


Successful Applications Include

  1. A well defined problem.
  2. An articulated and unique or novel solution
  3. A strong understanding of the addressable market
  4. Knowledge of competitors and your ability to differentiate 
  5. A plan to generate revenue (if non-profit, plan to secure stable funding)  
  6. An overview of team members
  7. Reason(s) for applying to the ZIP Launchpad


Do not submit any confidential information in your online application. F6s recommendations are not necessary.