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Summer 2023 Application Cycle: April 1 - May 30

Applying to the ZIP Launchpad



2023 Sample Application


  1. Apply at F6S - ZIP Launchpad
    •  As long as your application status is "in-progress", you can continue to make changes until you move your application to "finalized".
    • IF you move your application to "finalized" and want to make a change prior to the deadline, please email [email protected] and we can move your application back to "in-progress" allowing you to make further changes and improvements.
    • We recommend that you attend office hours and/or application workshops. Ideally, it is helpful if you do a draft application prior to attending one of these resources however it is not required.
  2. Get feedback at Idea Office Hours
    • We have idea office hours available with one-on-one help from ZIP Launchpad staff for improving your idea and application. The applicants who come in for help have a much better chance of being admitted to the program. 
  3. Sign up for an Application Workshop
    • While this is not required, it is highly recommended.  Teams that follow the process as outlined in the application innovation workshop are 60% more likely to be accepted. If the dates provided conflict with school or work, please email [email protected].

    • Follow the guidance provided in the Application Innovation Workshop including but not limited to completing at least 10 customer interviews.  
  4. Submit! 
    • If you've completed your application, don't forget to submit! ZIP staff can always reset your application if there are changes you'd like to add, but we don't review applications that have not been submitted.  
ZIP Launchpad will not accept ideas in the following areas: Cannabis, Alcohol, Gambling, and other areas by discretion. 


Why Should I Apply to the ZIP Launchpad?

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