First Generation Entrepreneurship Experience Program

Here at the ZIP Launchpad, SDSU students who are currently part of the EOP Program are given the opportunity to succeed in the field of Entrepreneurship thanks to funding from our generous donors.

SDSU EOP students are eligible to apply for our First Generation Entrepreneurship Experience Program where, if admitted, they would receive a one-time, taxable stipend of $2,500 for observing our program sessions. These program sessions are provided to our ZIP Launchpad startup teams to help them learn necessary skills and information to launch their own businesses. As an observer, you are only required to attend and listen, there is no homework or assignments involved.


  • Observe weekly E Track meetings
  • Observe end of semester Review Panel
  • No homework/assignments involved
  • Must attend all sessions (one excused absence allowed for illness/emergency)


  • $2,500 one-time taxable stipend, split into two payments of $1,250
  • Program starts February 16, 2024 and ends April 26, 2024
  • Takes place on Fridays from 12:30-3pm for 9 Sessions, plus one end of semester Review Panel which has several date/time options for observing
  • If accepted, you will be notified by February 9, 2023
  • We only accept up to 9 observers per semester, so don’t hesitate!


Click Here to Express Interest by February 2nd


The objective of the FGEE program is to enable first generation students to experience entrepreneurial programming without worrying about barriers to entry (such as having to develop your own company and identify a problem worth solving like the teams in our program, or the financial burden of committing to an unpaid multi-semester co-curricular program the way that our regular participants do). This is done through generous donations with the hope that it may spark the entrepreneurial spirit within our observers, and that they may decide to start their own venture or potentially join one of our teams as an intern / team member!

Please reach out to Setareh at [email protected] with any questions.