ZIP Launchpad Staff & Interns


Cathy Pucher

Executive Director

[email protected]

Cathy works with aspiring entrepreneurs at SDSU's Zahn Innovation Platform Launchpad. She brings 20+ years of experience in the high-tech industry across large and startup companies to her work at the Executive Director of the ZIP Launchpad. She helped create EvoNexusan incubator dedicated to stimulating the growth of new high technology companies in San Diego, and served as their first Executive Director. Mrs. Pucher earned a B.S. in Electrical Engineering at University California, San Diego.


Jenny Amaraneni

Social Innovation Director

[email protected]

Jenny Amaraneni graduated from San Diego State University with a Master of Business Administration and a concentration in Entrepreneurship. Shortly thereafter, she launched her own social enterprise, SOLO Eyewear, an eco-friendly line of eyewear dedicated to funding eye care for people in need. In addition to running SOLO, Jenny has also served as a consultant to other social enterprises and non-profits in the San Diego area. Jenny joined the ZIP Launchpad to work with students in launching their startups and guide them in becoming more environmentally and socially responsible in their businesses.


Preston Holland

Marketing & Operations

[email protected]

Preston Holland coordinates marketing and operations efforts at the ZIP Launchpad. He also assists ZIP Launchpad teams in conducting social media marketing advertising campaigns, intent to purchase tests, and social media market research. He is currently a Master of Business Administration student at San Diego State University.


Rene Arvizu

H.G. Fenton Lab Manager

[email protected]

Rene Arvizu is the Lab manager of the H.G. Fenton Company Lab at the ZIP Launchpad. Rene assists ZIP Launchpad teams in rapid prototyping, web development, and graphic design. Rene earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from San Diego State University. 

Jordan Asplin

Jordan Asplin

ACF Intern Coordinator

[email protected]

Jordan Asplin is the ZIP Launchpad Aztec Cooperative Fund Intern Coordinator. As the ACF Intern Coordinator, Jordan helps ZIP Launchpad teams find student interns who match the skill sets that they need to move forward with their company. She also plans workshops for EOP and organizes the ZIP Launchpad Paid Internship Fair event each semester to kickstart the initial meeting of students and teams in hopes for them finding matches and wanting to hire on to their startup. Jordan graduated from SDSU with a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies with focuses on Journalism, Communication, and Sociology.




Adrianna Lugo

Marketing & Operations Intern

[email protected]

Adrianna is a third year marketing student at SDSU. She spent a year building Bridge Networking, an SDSU startup before joining as a marketing and operations intern at ZIP Launchpad. She works with the marketing team to promote ZIP Launchpad events on social media & on campus.


Sydney Steinbeck

Women in STEM Initiative Intern

[email protected]

Sydney is the Women in STEM Initiative Intern. Sydney graduated from SDSU in 2021 with a B.S. in Biology and is currently a Master of Public Health student at SDSU. Her role at ZIP Launchpad includes planning Paint Your Perspective, coordinating club partnerships, and conducting outreach to Women in STEM students across campus.


Chloe Fairman

Women in STEM Initiative Intern

[email protected]

Chloe Fairman is a fourth-year biology major at SDSU working as an intern for the Women in STEM initiative at ZIP Launchpad. Chloe helps women with science backgrounds launch their own start-up companies and/or join existing start-up companies. She reaches out to women in STEM at San Diego State University with hopes to begin their journey in entrepreneurship.


Lucas Dailey

Aging Independently Initiative Intern

[email protected]

Lucas Dailey is a senior psychology major with a minor in leadership. He serves a variety of roles at ZIP Launchpad, including helping teams with leadership development, advertising the organization to classrooms and clubs in Health and Human Services, and conducting data analysis regarding ZIP participant growth. 


Brandon Gomez Zoon

H.G. Fenton Lab Intern

Brandon is a fifth year mechanical engineering student also pursuing a minor in business administration. His main roles in the lab are to help with product design as well as maintenance and operation of the equipment. He is interested in pursuing a career in the automotive or additive manufacturing industry after graduation.


Max Greiner

H.G. Fenton Lab Intern

Max Greiner is a Mechanical Engineer Intern at ZIP Launchpad. He applies his engineering skills into rapid development and prototyping to help ZIP Launchpad teams.


Emily Dengler

H.G. Fenton Lab Intern

Emily Dengler assists ZIP Launchpad teams in creating graphics for websites, social media, advertisements. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Graphic Design and minor in Marketing at San Diego State University.


Gabriela Baez

H.G. Fenton Lab Intern

Gabriela Baez is a fourth-year Graphic Design student with a minor in marketing at San Diego State. She is a graphic design intern at the ZIP Launchpad, some of the works she assists with include app and landing page prototyping, logo design, and branding.


Finn Taylor

H.G. Fenton Lab Intern

Finn is a second year graphic design major studying at San Diego State University. He assists teams by creating graphics for websites, social media, and advertisements.


Brian Leenerts

H.G. Fenton Lab Intern

Brian is a graphic design senior at SDSU and an intern at the launchpad. He assists teams by creating graphics for websites, social media, and advertisements.