SDSU Chinyeh Hostler Social Venture Challenge


What is the Chinyeh Hostler Social Venture Challenge?

  • On campus pitch competition 
  • For SDSU undergraduate and graduate students who have a passion for solving a problem that creates a positive social impact
  • $10,000 grand prize
  • Application closes February 4, 2023


The goal of the Challenge is to inspire students campus wide to ideate solutions to the world’s biggest problems, from health and poverty to the environment, education and more. Not to mention, the finalist will receive $10k to go towards their social venture!


Chinyeh Hostler Social Venture Challenge Presentation


How Do I Apply? 

  1. Create a profile in F6s.
  2. Answer application questions regarding the problem you want to address, how the problem is currently solved today, and the potential measurable impact of solving the problem.



We're Here to Help!

Have questions about the challenge? Email [email protected]

Don't know where to start? Check out the sample application!

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First place winners will receive $10,000 ($5,000 upon winning the Chinyeh Hostler Social Venture Challenge, $5,000 after completing the ZIP Launchpad’s Etrack).


What are the requirements to participate?

  • Be an undergraduate or graduate student at SDSU with at least one member graduating Fall 2023 or later
  • Have two team members prepared to pitch and up to three additional team members to help you along the way (teams are limited to a maximum of five members)
  • All majors are welcome!


Why Apply?

  • Experience the social entrepreneurship process first hand
  • Make an impact through your world changing business idea
  • Develop invaluable skills in presenting and communicating
  • Gain resume worthy experience for your future career search
  • Win $10,000 in cash for your social venture


Frequently Asked Questions

The Chinyeh Hostler Social Venture Challenge offers students the opportunity to experience the social entrepreneurship process first hand as they compete with an idea that has the power to change the world. Teams will begin the process of launching their startup as they apply, prepare a pitch deck, utilize resources offered, etc. The first place team will have access to additional support in this process as they will be automatically accepted into the ZIP Launchpad, SDSU’s startup incubator. Not to mention, the competition’s winner will receive $10,000 in cash!

A social venture is an entrepreneurial approach to addressing and positively impacting social and/or environmental challenges through business. A social venture can be for profit, non profit, or a hybrid so long as it has a sustainable way to fund the business. Struggling to think of a business idea with a social impact? Check out the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

February 4: Applications due

February 11: Semifinalists selected

February 24: Finalists selected

April 26: Final event

Proposed businesses must solve an issue and create a positive impact for the people or the planet in some way. You may refer to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the U.N. here for inspiration.
In order to apply and compete, teams must be made up of undergraduate or graduate SDSU students. Teams must have two team members pitch during the final competition and contain no more than five total team members. Additionally, at least one team member must be graduating Fall 2023 or later.
Teams must have two team members pitch during the competition. There can be additional team members on the team, contributing to the initial application, semifinalist interviews, etc. but the team should not exceed five members.
To receive the full $10,000 dollar prize, teams must win the competition and complete the ZIP Launchpad’s Etrack.
Apply here before February 4!