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ZIP Launchpad Lab Intake Form

ZIP Launchpad Teams

ZIP Launchpad Teams: The H.G. Fenton Company Idea Lab can help develop your demo in 1-2 weeks. Technical student interns are available to assist with early stage product development and company identity. 

Prerequisites for accessing H.G.Fenton Company Idea Lab services: 

  1. Approval from your ZIP Advisor 
  2. E-Track Findings 
  3. Lab Intake Form 

Prototyping Support for Students (MGT 358 / 460)

At the H.G. Fenton Company Idea Lab we have engineers and designers on staff to support your entrepreneurial and product development efforts. If you attended the ZIP Launchpad Rapid Prototyping Workshop, then you are eligible to receive a free hardware or software prototype in the form of a 3D render. Please follow these steps to access the service: 

  1. Reserve - Use the Link below to reserve a week to work with the lab. Please reserve your spot sooner rather than later. Select all times that you are available to meet

    Reserve Form

  2. Intake Form- Use the link below to show what your project is and share details as to what your expectations are. Please complete this form BEFORE your Design Meeting.

    Intake Form

  3. Design Meeting- Meet with Lab intern to review Intake From and agree on project specifications

  4. Wait - 7 business days for your digital prototype to arrive via email.
  • We offer Photo-Realistic 3D Renders
  • Design meetings are 15 minutes to 30 minutes
  • Please provide detailed sketches, inspiration, and a clear description of your product or service. 
  • Please clearly identify your product differentiation or competitive advantage. 
  • We allow 1 revision after completion if necessary. The more detail you provide, the lower the likelihood you will need a revision. 
  • We can support up to 10 teams per week, but will be unavailable during finals week. Please plan accordingly. 

charging cube render

 hand sanitizer render

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